French roulette in Roulette77– Try out this game!

French roulette is one of the most popular games and everyone must try out this game. One good reason for the popularity of this game is that the French version would allow you to enjoy the most lavish house edge (1.35%) when compared with the other versions of roulette.

How to play the French Roulette game?

The most generous house edge is achieved in this play with the help of two types of rules, which is not usually in the other versions and they are:

  • La Partage and
  • En Prison 

These above mentioned rules would make the game of French roulette more interesting than the normal version. Even though many French versions of roulette are available, these two rules are not used in most of the cases.

  • In the case of En Prison, if the ball settles on the position of zero, you might recover the stake provided to you and you have also bet on even odds bets.
  • Suppose the ball lands on zero in the case of La Partage, you can claim back the half of your stake.

Other than these rules, everything remains the same as the normal version and thus you can be able win the real cash easily. However, the betting limit will vary depending up on the casino you are playing in.

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