Understanding Sports Betting In PA With Parx Casino And Sportsbook

Understanding Sports Betting In PA With Parx Casino And Sportsbook

We have all sat back and watched a sports game without a team to fully support and wished we could make a bet on the game to make it a little more interesting. The legalization of sports betting in PA in 2017 made this dream a reality for millions of people living and working in the state who can now bet at physical locations or online sportsbooks. As with all sports betting options and casino games, the best option is always to find a fully licensed and regulated bookmaker in Pennsylvania, such as Parx Casino. The markets for different sports are expanding all the time with more than just the traditional American sports available for you to place your bets on.

Parx Casino is known for being one of the most impressive and respected gaming institutions in the U.S. and played a key role in the development of physical and online sports betting in PA. The initial move to bring sports betting to Pennsylvania began in 2007 with the passing of legislation allowing physical casinos and sports betting sites to open. As the owners of the Parx Racetrack, the casino owners were instrumental in lobbying for the change in the legal status of sports betting. Parx also played a major role in developing the software that keeps you safe online and keeps regulators happy in terms of licensing requirements.

Following the decision to legalize the physical act of sports betting across Pennsylvania, the race was on to bring online betting to the state. After the first legal moves to allow online sports betting were made in the U.S. in 2012, it seemed only a matter of time before Pennsylvania would follow suit. In 2017, Governor Wolf signed the bill allowing online sports betting in PA and gave the local economy a major boost.

Now we know the act of sports betting in PA is legal we should discuss what to bet on and how to go about placing your bets. The first thing you need to do is choose a sportsbook and casino to place your bets with. What you should be looking for in a sports betting site and casino is a site that falls in line with the regulations of the gaming commission of Pennsylvania. Parx Casino is fully licensed and regulated as both an online and physical casino and sportsbook, which should give you a little more confidence in the chance for you to enjoy the best customer experience.

By combining a physical casino and sportsbook with the best in online betting options, you know exactly where your bets are being placed and how to contact Parx Casino with any customer service issues. A simple look at the site of Parx shows casino members can get in touch with the casino by phone, online messaging, and in person at their casino and racetrack in Philadelphia.

The sports betting site from Parx was launched as a beta version in early 2019 and expanded to a full version in the Summer of the same year with the number of sports available for betting growing each week. Of course, the traditional North American sports of football, baseball, basketball, and hockey are well covered. Horse racing is the sport Parx Casino made its name from and is heavily featured for racegoers. Another option to explore is that of the latest sports to make their way into the American sports psyche of soccer, MMA, and golf with more global sports added to the list on a regular basis.