When Will This Nonsense Stop?

ANTONIO RUDIGER Requested”When will this Crap end?” After being targeted on monkey chants with a Spurs lover. There was A London derby stopped at the 63rd minute when Rudiger stated that there was racist chanting before Blues skipper Cesar Azpilicueta told Ms Anthony Taylor concerning the incident. And the PFA called to racism. Chelsea and Tottenham combined to condemn the’sickening’ misuse truc tiep k+ and Spurs introduced an investigation into the episode that came moments following Son Heung-min was sent off for kicking out in Rudiger. Rudiger tweeted:”It is truly sad to watch racism again in a soccer game, but I think that it’s extremely important to discuss it . “Otherwise, it is going to be abandoned again a few times as always.

Since I know that only a few idiots were the culprits, I don’t want to involve Tottenham as an entire club. “I hope that the offenders will soon be penalized and found shortly. “And in this contemporary floor like the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium with heaps of TV and safety cameras, it has to be possible to discover and then punish them. SEPT 21: the Gus Mafuta of Hartlepool is one of many players mistreated in their National League battle. DEC 7: in the Etihad making monkey gestures in the Brazilian midfielder Fred of Manchester United, Manchester City lover gets captured. DEC 7: A Burnley supporter is ejected in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for supposedly creating a gesture that is racist in Spurs’ Son Heung-min.

DEC 21 chiefs vow to spot a supporter who abused a Barnsley participant in The Den. “If not, then you certainly should have been witnesses at the scene who heard and saw the episode. When will this crap stop? Chelsea captain Azpilicueta demonstrated following the final whistle he needs those accountable to help eliminate racism in soccer whenever possible. Azpilicueta stated:”It’s made quite clear to us if we’ve discovered any racist event to examine it. “Toni came into me and he said he had been listening to the audience to fighter sounds and my occupation for a captain would be to go right to the Army and also to examine it. “We are extremely conscious and aware of these issues.